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The world today is not safe and as such, it is necessary to make sure that the country’s key activities, industries, and services are working. The so-called elements of critical infrastructure are therefore one of the top priorities in terms of state security. The following sectors are on the list of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic:

  • Energy industry;
  • Water management;
  • Food and agriculture sector;
  • Healthcare;
  • Transport;
  • Communication and information systems;
  • Financial markets and currency;
  • Emergency basic services;
  • Public administration.

Primarily, the security of critical infrastructure facilities is taken care of by the police (objects to be potentially attacked) and the army (objects important for the defence of the state). But because we at CENTR GROUP are taking our responsibility for the security of our country seriously, we also participate in their protection. We have a vast experience in this field. Many among our experts have served with the police or the army and, when providing our services, actively cooperate with them.

CENTR GROUP is a member of prestigious professional organizations and our expertise is supported by numerous certificates of quality, as well as the Czech National Security Authority security clearance for the classification level “SECRET”. Therefore, we will give you first-class professional advice and assistance regarding your protection development, including the protection of data against potential attacks. We also collaborate on the approval of security documentation and collaboration exercises. In addition to security, we also offer design, installation and operation of technical systems, guarding or regular cleaning and maintenance to our customers.

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Hlava tygra Centr Group
Fyzická ostraha objektů Centr Group

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Are you in any of the categories mentioned above and want to ensure your operation under any circumstances? Talk to us. Together, we will prepare for all alternatives in the development of security.

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Hlava tygra Centr Group
Hlava tygra Centr Group

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We are CENTR GROUP, a team of highly trained professionals, and we will provide Guarding Services, Remote Video Monitoring, or Cybersecurity, under any circumstances and efficiently.

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