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Our world is almost constantly in motion. Here, public transportation plays a very significant role. It serves millions of people every day, but unfortunately, this also indicates a security challenge. From the government security strategy point of view, you fall into the “crowded places” category, i.e. locations, where large numbers of people are concentrated at once. Most often, the protection for this category of clients is associated with terrorist attacks, but there are other areas too. We at CENTR GROUP are not afraid of challenges. On the contrary, we meet them halfway. We are in it together. Our strategic plans will protect your passengers, employees and property.

The thing is, property is not always threatened by an attack. High losses often occur due to the passengers’ thoughtlessness or vandalism. We will design a protection and security plan with top-notch video surveillance and other security systems or guards with special psychological training, helping your staff. Their presence is really a great prevention and discourages many pilferers and troublemakers. You will save hundreds of thousands of Czech Crowns, e.g. for the removal of graffiti or replacement of damaged equipment. And the rest of the passengers will feel safe.

We will be happy to take responsibility not only for your safety, but also for the maintenance of train stations, bus stops and terminals. Starting from daily cleaning, all the way to energy costs assessment and their optimization.

Services meeting your needs

Hlava tygra Centr Group
Ochrana měkkých cílů Centr Group

Crowded Places Protection

Bezpečnostní poradenství a vzdělávání Centr Group

Security Consulting
& Education

Mobilní patrola Centr Group

Mobile Security Patrols

Integrovaný Facility Management Centr Group

Integrated Facility Management

The field of security is constantly evolving, and the rapidly changing situation needs an appropriate and fast response. Therefore the services listed here are not all we have on offer. But rest assured that we will find a solution for your situation. Contact us and put your trust in us!

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Hlava tygra Centr Group
Hlava tygra Centr Group

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We are CENTR GROUP, a team of highly trained professionals, and we will provide Crowded Places Protection, Mobile Security Patrols, or Integrated Facility Management, under any circumstances and efficiently.

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