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We protect our clients’ lives, health and property. We can secure any environment, whether it is an industrial facility, administrative or commercial building, gallery, small boutique or an entire neighborhood.

Guarding Services

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Our security guards and other specialists are consistent, insusceptible and understand the client's business activities and processes perfectly. In particular, where there is a potential risk at play. These are, for example, buildings holding goods, materials or rare works of art, which can be potentially stolen, and places with an increased risk of fire or environmental disaster. Our services include, for example:

  • Inspection and registration of persons and vehicles upon entry and movement around the premises;
  • Operation of security technologies (alarm and emergency systems, fire alarms, CCTV);
  • Patrolling activities and regular assessment of security situation;
  • Visual inspection of fire passes, emergency routes and dry pipes;
  • Assistance with welding and flame cutting;
  • Fire safety supervision in case of shutdown/nonfunctional fire extinguishers or detectors;
  • Reporting and recording of detected defects;
  • Interaction with the Integrated Emergency Response Team and dealing with potential emergencies;
  • Regular reporting.
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Doorman a recepční Centr Group

Doorman & Reception Services

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These are the key people because they create the first impression. And our personnel are perfectly prepared for that. They look presentable with good manners. They have physical as well as special psychological training, they are familiar with the basics of etiquette, first aid and foreign languages.

Our doorman will become an indispensable member of your boutique team. He works independently and constantly monitors the surroundings and non-standard behaviour of potential customers. He helps the other staff simply by being present. He will also use his knowledge of self-defence to ensure security, if necessary. Alternatively, he will detain any perpetrators and call the police.

Our receptionist will be an exemplary representative of your business. Our employees have adequate education and knowledge of languages, are familiar with the necessary technology, and have a neat and pleasant look. Due to their special training, they can handle all situations, even interactions with difficult clients, professionally and calmly.

Walking Security

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With our foot patrols, the security and protection of your homes, neighbourhoods, and shopping streets improves. Their presence and uniforms are an excellent prevention against disorders and disturbance of public order and peaceful coexistence. This results in a demonstrably reduced crime rate in the whole area.

Before starting their patrolling duties, they will familiarize themselves with your local situation in detail. Therefore, they can always evaluate any situation correctly and intervene or, if necessary, call the police. In case an incident does occur nevertheless, just press the Emergency button and leave everything to us. We will be there in 90 seconds. Guaranteed.

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Mobilní patrola Centr Group

Mobile Security Patrols

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In case there are no permanent guards in your building or compound, we can provide you with regular or random preventive checks. We will analyze your needs and design an individual security inspection schedule for you. When the patrol arrives, they will make sure that all entrances are locked, the perimeter of the building is not damaged, and the surrounding area is quiet. The result of the inspection is reported to the CENTR GROUP Monitoring Centeroperator. Patrol guards can also record every check in our electronic patrol system..

Substitute Performance Provision

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This is the case when the social responsibility and your statutory obligation go hand in hand. Act No. 435/2004 Coll., On employment, stipulates that an employer with more than 25 employees is obliged to employ at least 1 person with disability (PwD). However, it may happen that for various reasons, your company is unable to employ any PwDs. We understand, and because we know that as a responsible company you want to support people with disabilities, we offer you an alternative – a substitute performance.

We support other companies through our company CENTR GROUP-ELMONT s.r.o. After we agree on the portfolio of services that will be the subject matter of the substitute performance, you will meet your mandatory share. What is in it for us? That is quite clear. And what is in it for you?

  • Feel good – you will contribute to the employment of PwDs;
  • Fulfilled statutory obligation;
  • You will gain useful support services customizable to any industry;
  • You will save money – the services are much cheaper than the payment to the government budget;
  • You will lower the company’s HR costs for these services.
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It will be our pleasure to tell you more

We are CENTR GROUP, a team of highly trained professionals, and we will provide security for you, your property, facility management, or your company, under any circumstances and efficiently.

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