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The centralization of activities and modern technology is on the rise and it is also changing the way we protect our customers. Security guards no longer have to be present at your premises 24/7. We will monitor your business remotely with customized electronic security and camera systems, thus ensuring your peaceful sleep.


Operations Center

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The Operations Center (OC) operators in our CENTR GROUP Monitoring Center are watching remotely 24/7 to ensure that everything on your premises is as it should be. In addition to excellent knowledge of the individual technologies, we are also discreet and respectful of our customers’ privacy. If an alarm goes off, we respond immediately and send a security response unit to the scene. Operators are in touch with the unit as long as it is checking your premises.

The OC is equipped with four different building registration and monitoring systems. This means that we are able to connect with and monitor virtually any security system on the market. You can see for yourself – we will learn your current situation, determine your needs, and propose a solution that will be just right for you. We are not only boasting about quality – the entire Monitoring Center, including the OC, has passed the ČSN EN 50518 standard certification.

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Remote Video Monitoring

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The world of technology is moving forward by leaps and bounds and the world of security systems is no exception. Our Monitoring Center also includes remote video monitoring stations. Basically, we use two different manners to provide these services. The first is a combination of two technologies – a camera system and an alarm security and emergency system. The second is based on a camera system with intelligent image analysis, responding, for example, to the disturbance of a space, crossing of a border, removal of an object, the presence of a foreign object, etc.

Security Response Units

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We know that time really means money, and that not only the property, but lives can be at stake too. That is why operators in the CENTR GROUP Operation Center respond immediately to any event detected by the security technology and send the nearest response unit to investigate. The unit will arrive as quickly as possible and thoroughly inspect the entire premises. If it has been breached by a trespasser, it will be reported to the operator. Then the unit members will take all steps necessary to prevent any further criminal activity.

In case the breach has already occurred, and we determine that over an hour will be required to take care of the defect reparation or to resolve other consequences in the building, the operator will send guards to the site for temporary added protection.

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We are CENTR GROUP, a team of highly trained professionals, and we will provide  Security Response Units, Remote Video Moitoring, Operations Center, under any circumstances and efficiently.

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