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Security is based on order. Are you aware of how the protection of persons, property, know-how and information is organized, recorded and ensured in your company? Are your people well-trained and therefore always know what to do? If your answer is “no” or “I don’t know” to any of these questions, we at CENTR GROUP are the right professionals to advise you on these matters.

Security Consulting and Education

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We provide independent security consulting for all types of organizations and segments. An experienced team of our experts will analyze your current situation, complete or modify the existing procedures and document everything. These services include not only the following, but also many other activities, which we always render according to an individual assessment of your situation.

  • Risk assessments and security audits;
  • Review, update, and preparation of security documentation;
  • Consulting in GDPR and the protection of classified information;
  • Preparation of feasibility studies;
  • OSHA and fire safety consultations;
  • Preparation of documentation on serious accident prevention.

We will also prepare and implement our educational program including a set of trainings on the given topic for you. This way, your employees will become familiar with the current procedures, the latest trends, and the relevant laws. Be ensured that practical demonstrations or field exercises are included, as needed.

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OSHA and Fire Safety Services

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We offer comprehensive OSHA and fire safety services as a turnkey project. Not only will we advise you, but we will also perform an expert check on the spot to ensure that everything is as it should be. Please find several examples of possible cooperation areas below. But we assure you that we offer much more!

  • Introduction and maintenance of an occupational health and safety system, including the preparation and update of documentation;
  • Assessment of the risk of possible danger to your employees’ life or health;
  • Training on the OSHA, fire safety, and serious accident prevention regulations;
  • Interaction with the relevant government authorities;
  • Ensuring the operability of all safe operating procedure files (e.g. ESS, EFS), including repairs, tests, maintenance, professional trainings, and the examination of your employees;
  • Presence during internal and external audits;
  • Cooperation in the investigation of accidents at work and proposing effective remedial measures;
  • Updating emergency plans and managing archives of operational documentation.

Security Risk Analysis & System Design

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Over the course of security analysis, we will break down the layout of your building into basic elements from the perspective of the guarding, security technologies, internal company documentation, mechanical barriers and regimen measures and processes. We will identify internal vulnerabilities and external threats, as well as the existing protection mechanisms.

Our common goal is to find as many vulnerabilities and deficiencies as possible to identify threats, risks, and possible negative impacts on your facility and organization. Then to determine how efficient and functional the existing security procedures really are. Following this, we will propose customized updates or implementation of new systems and measures in order to minimize all risks, or mitigate them to an acceptable level.

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Crowded Places Protection

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When securing crowded places, we focus primarily on the protection of the health and lives of the present employees and public. But what are these "crowded places"? These are places and buildings with a high concentration of people which are not very well secured against attacks (not only terrorist) and at the same time, completely or relatively freely accessible to the public. In the Czech Republic, we call them “soft targets”, to differentiate them from the so-called “hard targets”, which are well-protected and guarded strategic places.

A crowded place can be, for example, a hospital, cultural institution, train station, square, or a shopping mall. Depending on your individual situation, we will execute an analysis, propose recommendations, security designs, and implementation plans. We will look at the area as the attackers would, and focus on the probability of an attack and its specific direction. Together, we will implement measures to make sure that your employees and visitors are safe at all times. We will gladly implement the planned measures for you too – we will provide guarding, design and install technical systems, prepare the documentation, as well as the follow-up training and field exercises. We always utilize the latest technologies and procedures compliant with the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic methodology.


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We will advise you regarding how to keep your material assets, virtual data, information and your know-how safe. Because hackers are a reality. Leakage and misuse of data are a reality too. And the resulting standstill of the entire company or the loss of reputation can accumulate to an enormous damage. This applies to all business areas!

  • Do you have a hankering that your IT does not really know what to do about cybersecurity?
  • Not sure if your organization could resist a focused hacker’s attack?
  • Not sure that your employees would not leak important information under any circumstances?
  • You have some knowledge, for example about vulnerabilities in different systems, but you have no idea what is dangerous and what is not?
  • Not sure if your IT is adequately protecting your business?

We will give you clear answers to all questions above and any others. We will provide consultations and/or methodological guidance on the information security. Or we can advise you on how to secure data properly, or to select and configure the right solution for a two-factor authentication.

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It will be our pleasure to tell you more

We are CENTR GROUP, a team of highly trained professionals, and we will provide Security Consulting and Education, OSHA and Fire Safety Services and Integrated Facility Management, under any circumstances and efficiently.

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