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Facility management can be defined as many things. But generally speaking, it is a complex and efficient way of managing a portfolio of support services to fully concentrate on one’s core business. And a method of synchronizing work environment, workers and activities in an organization as well. We are aware of our clients’ needs; therefore, all our services are tailor-made and prepared individually just for them. We cooperate with top experts in their fields who have the right education, certifications and work resources. We use the latest technologies and SW systems. We offer our clients a range of quality services, which we can also manage in a form of integrated facility management.


Facility Management

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We offer property management services. We will be happy to assist you and provide expert advice connected for example to the optimization of operating costs or your investment plans. Economy and the preservation of property value are our goals. We render our services with regard to the client’s conditions and specific needs following the rules defined by the client, the manufacturer, and the law, of course. We also provide related administration services.

Technical management of buildings will untie your hands. We will take over the operation of your building and the maintenance, operation and inspection of its technical equipment (BTE). We can manage your technical documentation or access cards, preventive inspections or the design and implementation of OHS and fire protection measures. We provide technology maintenance, such as operational inspections, predictive maintenance, day-to-day operation and servicing, including refill of operating solutions and energy consumption checks.

We have a nonstop, i.e. 24/7/365, Operations Centre and emergency service covering the cases of emergencies and crises. We solve any crisis situation operatively and our response units and mobile maintenance can quickly set out and take action. On the day-to-day basis, we provide machinery repair and maintenance, such as routine servicing, smaller and larger planned or emergency repairs, or installation and relocation of machinery..

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Technology Servicing and Checks

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This activity is closely connected to the building and equipment management. The service is provided either by our internal experts, or our professional, narrow specialized partners strategically located across the country for the purposes of maximum operating costs optimization.

We can provide inspections, revisions and testing of your HVAC systems, fire-fighting equipment, measurement and regulation, electrical high- and low-current equipment and elevators. We will assess the condition of your building from the technical point of view and prepare a technical report, i.e. a key document, especially if you are preparing for the operation of a new building.

We also supply and service technical equipment for buildings. Our qualified professionals will always advise you well and operatively solve any potential problem. Every client is taken care of on individual basis. We offer delivery, installation and servicing of boiler rooms, ventilation, cooling units and supply and installation of LV wiring and low-current technologies.

Energy Management

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Every building owner aims to take care of it with due diligence and respect for the environment, i.e. he monitors energy consumption and seeks ways to increase its operational efficiency. CENTR GROUP has the same goals and will assist you not only with the operation and energy optimization, but also with the related statutory and administrative activities. We will inform you about everything we do for you at regular meetings or in the form of reports and visualizations.

During the energy saving analysis, we will execute an energy audit of your building or an energy efficiency action plan including their implementation, an energy assessment or an energy management concept. EPC projects also contribute to the savings, since they ensure the reduction of energy consumption and operating costs. You want to save even more? We will be happy to operate your energy sources and equipment, including the servicing and optimum usage evaluation. This relates e.g. to energy distribution systems, heat or cooling sources; but we will supply construction of new tailor-made equipment for you as well. Operation and technology processes can be provided also in the form of remote monitoring and Operations Centre services.

Energy management means dealing with economically viable energy savings and active searching for them. Beside other things, this service includes e.g. consumption assessment or the control of savings from subsidy schemes. In addition, we can supply you with purchase and distribution of energies for favourable prices, their optimization and sub-metering, sale of energy to your lessees and other third parties, as well as with establishment and operation of local distribution systems.

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Cleaning Services

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Have you decided to focus on your core business and want someone else, who can guarantee professional and expert approach, to do the cleaning? Then CENTR GROUP is here exactly for you. We will make sure that you save costs while maintaining high quality and the possibility of transparent cost monitoring. We use approved and certified cleaning products and cleaning equipment from renowned brands. We offer nanotechnology cleaning and personnel training.

Leave the comprehensive interior and exterior cleaning to us. We will prepare a cleaning plan for you, complete with cleaning standards. We provide one-time and regular cleaning of offices, shopping, cultural and sports centres and sites, cleaning and technological cleaning in industrial and food processing facilities, including outdoor areas and seasonal road maintenance. We also render special cleaning and cleansing services of the highest quality, such as high-rise building wash services, carpet and upholstered furniture cleaning, deep cleaning of floors and blinds, machine cleaning of escalators or cleaning after constructions.

We are experts on services for hotels. We supply a wide range of services from housekeeping to the cleaning of public or fitness & spa areas. Among other services provided by us are for example disinfection (also in medical facilities), disinfestation, rodent control, removal of graffiti and posters, surface protection with preventive (nano)coatings or waste management.

Greenery Maintenance

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As part of our facility management services, we also supply comprehensive implementation and maintenance of public greenery, gardens and other outdoor spaces. You can contact us if you need lawn mowing, tree pruning or flower beds weeding (chemical weeding can be arranged as well); these are all in scope of our greenery and outdoor areas maintenance services. We maintain playgrounds including the equipment, apply protective spraying and fertilization, design irrigation systems and residential gardens and provide maintenance of sidewalks and roads.

We offer comprehensive landscaping services including the supply of small architectural structures as well as garden landscaping projects. We put emphasis on modern garden design respectful of the architecture of the house and the layout of the adjacent space.

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Integrated Facility Management

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Integrated facility management (IFM) goes beyond the "standard" facility management. It can be defined as consolidation of activities within the organization to provide and develop contracted services supporting and increasing the effectiveness of their own core business. And we add – under a single provider. I.e., all in one. All services are rendered as a single package – technical property management, cleaning, greenery maintenance and guarding, reception or energy services. By providing IFM, we allow you to focus only on your business.

What is in it for us is clear. And why is it great for you?

  • Comprehensive supply of all services by one company – no coordination required.
  • Clear responsibility for the whole contract – one company – one team – one contact synergy.
  • Cost optimization – efficient interconnection of separate processes and activities.
  • Unified coordination of all activities and sub-contractors, providing better conditions of the services.
  • Potential issues prevention.

All services are managed for you by one person – IFM Project Manager. Besides managing and coordination, he can also internally demand services for you to deliver the best price and quality. Because that is our aim – to provide you with comprehensive and optimum delivery of selected services for which we take full responsibility.

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It will be our pleasure to tell you more

We are CENTR GROUP, a team of highly trained professionals, and we will provide Integrated Facility Management, Cleaning Services and Technology Servicing and Checks, under any circumstances and efficiently.

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